About Me

Photo Credit: Amira Maxwell

Thank you for considering me to accompany you on your journey toward change.

Navigating oppressive systems is exhausting, while trying to stay “put together” and in one piece. It is even more challenging when you are flooded with overwhelming self-judgment, poor boundaries and consistently trying to please others.  All of these unskillful patterns of thinking and feeling leave you stuck in self sabotage, defeated, and with limited resources to put towards desired change.

I provide a space where you can show up as yourself and truly get to know who you are.  I understand that getting to know oneself can be filled with hurdles of self-deprecating thoughts, fear and intense emotions that have left you clinging to old ways that no longer serve you.

We will work together to create spaciousness to hold those wounded parts of self. By connecting with your heart and your body, we can create space to begin to love the once unloved, to know the unknown in order to create integration, strengthen confidence and to propel you into your journey of change. This is truly a life practice and I would like to support your process.

I was raised in Oakland and graduated from Holy Names University with a Bachelors in Psychology. In 2011, I completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology at JFK University. I identify as a Black, queer person raised in a working-class background. I regularly serve Black, POC, LGBTQIA, and folks who navigate multiple intersections of oppression.

My therapeutic style is warm, attentive, and non-judgmental. I utilize a variety of modalities within your comfort level to understand past relational patterns; and work in the here and now to engage in present life experiences to create integration.